Frequently Asked Questions

Beaver Tech FAQs

Can I Pay for my students' computer & software?

The OSU Beaver Store accepts cash and all major credit cards for computers and computer related purchases. A valid, current OSU ID must be presented at time of purchase.

Instances where you are unable to accompany your student there is a method available to arrange for your student to pay with your credit card number. Please contact our Service Center and request information on Bankcard Authorization. Call 800-595-0357 for details.

What products are "academically priced"?

Academically priced is a term used to indicate an item is eligible to be sold below the manufactures retail price. At the OSU Beaver Store,  Apple computers & software along with Microsoft and Adobe software are available at this discounted price. Adobe software is discounted up to 80% off the retail price. 

Can purchases be made on-line for computers & software?

Due to licensing agreements the OSU Beaver Store is required to validate eligibility to purchase products by having the customer present a valid, current OSU ID at point of sale. Since this cannot be done in a verifiably efficient or effective manner on-line, the OSU Beaver Store does not conduct web sales of computers and software. 

Are there limitations on the number of computer & software purchases?

Yes. Due to our licensing agreements a customer is limited to 1 Apple laptop and 1 Apple desktop per academic year. Software is limited 1 title per the life of the software.

What other electronics does the OSU Beaver Store offer?

The OSU Beaver Store offers a full line of Texas Instrument & Hewlett Packard calculators as well as Lacie hard drives, USB Flash Drives, HP & Canon Printers. The Beaver Store also carries an extensive line of accessories for your commonly used computers and electronics.


Your order and/or custom configuration will be communicated to the Beaver Tech staff and you will be contacted afterwards for processing.