Frequently Asked Questions

Faculty FAQs

How do I submit my textbook requisition?

You either go through your academic department and have the person designated to submit textbook requisitions handle this for you; or, if individual instructors in your department are authorized to submit their own requisitions, they can submit it online here.

Is there verification that my requisition has been received?

Yes, a confirmation email is sent with details of the requisition; and as the materials are entered into our system, you can verify them here.

What if a textbook requisition is not submitted for my class? Will books still be available to students on the first day of classes?

No. The bookstore only orders what has been authorized by the academic department or the instructor for the class.

What if my class ends up being larger than what I originally indicated with my requisition?

Please notify the bookstore's Textbook Department if the enrollment is larger than anticipated. We can then order additional copies for your students.

Why does the Beaver Store ask for an upcoming term's requisitions so early?

Having the upcoming term requisition in a timely manner allows the bookstore to procure the less expensive used copies of many books. Also, we can discover and fix potential problems with books that might arise well before the start of classes.


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