Frequently Asked Questions

New Students FAQ

How do I buy my textbooks?

The OSU Beaver Store has all of the official OSU textbook information.  Bring your class schedule into the store or shop online with our price comparison site.

When can I buy my books?

The Beaver Store opens their website once pre-registration begins for an upcoming term.  The Beaver Store only lists what has been submitted by the department/faculty so the listing tends to grow over time.  The Beaver Store allows for ship-out orders and "hold" or reservations for on campus orders prior to the term start.  You can see the current term ordering parameters on the textbook acknowlegement page:

Generally though:

Fall term - You will be able to purchase your books (ship out or reservation) for Fall term online beginning in July-August and in-store after the Labor Day weekend. 

Winter/Spring/Summer term - Starting around the final two weeks of the ending academic term students can start ordering online and shopping inside the store.

We recommend ordering early for eCampus ship-out orders so course materials can arrive on time for the first day of classes.  The "hold" option is a great way to beat the crowds and have your material early as well.  

Normally the in-store rentals for an upcoming term become available after Finals Week of the previous term.  Fall term being the exception.  Rentals for Fall term become available after Labor Day weekend.

How are my textbooks chosen?

OSU professors determine the textbooks to be used in their courses.

Can I charge my books to my OSU account?

Sorry, we can’t access your student account.  You may pay for your purchases using cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

Can I order my textbooks online and pick them up when I get to campus?

Yes!  Online orders will be charged to your credit card, boxed, and held in the store for you (unless you request shipment).

Received a note regarding a bank card problem (BCP) in processing your order?  You can click here to follow instructions to correct the issue.

How much should I budget for textbooks?

For fall term, students should budget between $300 to $500 for textbooks.  Your budget may go down for winter & spring terms if books you purchase in the fall are used for more than one term.

What is the return policy for textbooks?

You will receive a full refund within the first two weeks of the term with your receipt.  Summer sessions have until the 4th day of class to refund.

What is a “clicker”?

“Clicker” refers to a handheld device used in many courses to take attendance, answer questions, and take quizzes or tests.  You only need one and chances are you’ll use it throughout your time at OSU.

Can I purchase access codes separately?

Yes, the OSU Beaver Store often has stand-alone codes available along with the codes being bundled with printed materials.  Sometimes the publisher limits retailer availability though.  If you don’t see a stand-alone code listed, just ask a Text employee for information.


You must be a current Student, Staff or Faculty member of OSU in order to purchase all Apple products. Please bring in your OSU ID with you when picking up. Payment will only be accepted from the qualifying individual. Questions? Please use "Message" box below.