Text Book Agreement
    • If you cannot find a course or section, the instructor has not yet submitted an order to the OSU Beaver Store. 
    • "Holds" submitted early will be held until books become available approximately one month before the beginning of each term.  Customer is charged at the time materials are pulled for the order.
    • Textbooks will not be shipped within Corvallis city limits, except under extenuating circumstances.
    • Textbook prices and requirements are subject to change. 
    • Please save your receipt, as it is required for returns!
    • Access codes can be sent electronically after purchase if requested in the "special instructions" field.  (A good option for late eCampus ship out ordersNo returns or refunds would be permissible after code is electronically sent.  
      • SPRING term 2014 "Hold" option is no longer available!   Please come visit us in store for course material purchases.  
      • Ship out orders with addresses within Corvallis and/or including non-eCampus courses will be cancelled at this time.
      • Ship out orders for eCampus courses are still accepted
    • Orders will start to be fulfilled at the beginning of March 2014 depending on availabiltiy. 
    • HOLD orders will charged at the time of pulling materials to fulfill.
    • Ecampus orders will ship as the orders are worked.
    •  Pick up of SPRING "Hold" orders begin on March 29, 2014.


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 I have read and understand the above information.

Please contact the Textbook Department:
Email: TextOrder@osubeaverstore.com with questions.
Voice: 1-541-737-1506 or 1-800-595-0357
Fax: 1-541-737-3171