Textbooks 101


We know price is very important.  Our Textbook Price Comparison Tool will help you find the best prices for your books. Select the term, department, course and section for each of your classes and view our prices right alongside those from other online sources.  Click on your choices and a separate cart will be created for each retailer.  We want OSU students to get the best value no matter what!  Watch this video to find out more!



The OSU Beaver Store buys as many used texts as we can from students and other sources because we want to give you less expensive options. We buy used books from students throughout the year and at our big “sellback” at the end of each term.

Q: What is the average retail price for a used textbook?
A: Used textbooks are typically priced at 75% of the current retail price of a new book.

Q: Aside from their condition, are used books identical to the new books ordered for my classes?
A: Yes, the edition of the books is the same and the pagination is consistent with that of new books.

Q: Can I highlight in my book and still sell it back?
A: Yes, the rule of thumb is less than 1/3 of the book highlighted is ok.  Excessive highlighting such that future students could not highlight in the book effectively reduces the book value to zero.

Q: How much will I receive for my used book at sellback?
A: If the store has received a faculty order for the book to be used the next term before our big sellback, we will pay up to 50% of the current book price. If we have not received a faculty order, the value of the book is determined by the used book wholesaler and is based on national demand.

You can check the current sellback prices for your textbooks, receive a sellback alert when we are buying your particular book, and post your textbooks on the USED book classifieds anytime on our website (www.osubeaverstore.com/TextbooksUsed).



Certain texts can be rented each term.  Renting can offer significant initial savings, but you don’t get any sellback value.  Rentals must be returned by a specific date at the end of the term.  Failure to return will result in a charge to replace the entire book – not the difference between the rental cost and the purchase price.

Q: Would it be cheaper to rent or to buy a book and then sell it back?
A: With rare exceptions, renting is the least expensive option.

Q: Why aren't all the books available to rent?
A: For a book to be considered for rental it must be in a new edition, non-bundled, and used in core courses with high enrollment (a discipline with little change from year-to-year). Also, texts that are likely to change to new editions and most paperback books whose condition will deteriorate over time will not be available for rent.

Q: What if I rent a book and it is lost or stolen?
A: You will be responsible for paying for the text. The amount will be the cost of a new replacement plus a replacement fee.

Q: Can I rent a textbook online from the OSU Beaver Store?
A: Yes, you can! If a book is available to rent, it will give you the option of selecting the rental to add to your cart.



Digital books are environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient in the long term. Digital books can be viewed through a browser or a mobile app and will allow you to access the book in an electronic format.

                Things to know:

  1. Digital books are electronic form only, there is no physical textbook.
  2. Digital books have a limited life of 180 days.  They are essentially rentals.
  3. Digital books cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged once the redemption process is complete.

The majority of our supply of digital books is available through RedShelf. Some textbooks are also available in digital format through the publisher and occasionally a hard copy of a textbook will come with a digital version that can be downloaded to your computer.

Q: What are RedShelf ebooks?
A: RedShelf are textbooks with enhanced functionality that are available in digital format. RedShelf are purchased at the OSU Beaver Store. Once you make your purchase, follow the easy instructions on your receipt to access the ebook through a web browser at https://osubeaverstore.redshelf.com/

Q: What are the advantages of purchasing a RedShelf ebook?
A: Lower prices and the added functionality and enhanced features RedShelf offer. You have the ability to search the entire text for a word or phrase, add comments, create your own bookmarks, and print on demand from your personal computer or laptop.

Q: Can I return a RedShelf for a refund?
A: You may return a non-accessed RedShelf by requesting a refund through your account on the RedShelf page.  RedSehelf assess all refund requests and communicates to the Beaver Store when permitted.  Normal turnaround is 24hours.


You must be a current Student, Staff or Faculty member of OSU in order to purchase all Apple products. Please bring in your OSU ID with you when picking up. Payment will only be accepted from the qualifying individual. Questions? Please use "Message" box below.