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Welcome to the OSU Beaver Store! We're a student-governed nonprofit company that's been supporting the OSU community since our founding in 1914. We operate the official campus store of Oregon State University in Corvallis, as well as the OSU Beaver Store serving alumni and fans in Keizer, Oregon.

Our campus store across from Reser Stadium is really something that everyone in Beaver Nation should experience! We invite you to come in and enjoy this environment created especially for you. Share some of your OSU memories with fellow Beavers and then create some new ones!

Our "Back to Beavs" Promise

Our company's profits are returned to OSU students through our "Back to Beavs" discount on textbooks. When you shop in any of our retail stores, your money will stay on campus to support your fellow Beavers.

Each year, your purchases at OSU Beaver Stores (Campus and Keizer) directly fund:

  • Student textbook discounts and scholarships

  • Over 75 part-time student-employee positions

It's simple. It feels good. It's all about supporting a new generation of Beavers! Together, we've reduced the cost of textbooks to less than 1% of a student's cost to attend OSU.

Our Mission and Vision

Our nonprofit mission is to operate university retail stores for the benefit of OSU students, faculty, and staff. Our vision is that we remain a growing and diversified company with the ability to meet the changing needs of our members in the OSU community and to effectively promote their personal success, identity, and traditions as Beavers.

Our History

The OSU Beaver Store was founded by students and faculty in 1914 as the OAC Co-op. Then, as now, students and faculty members needed course materials and other products to support their campus life and academic success. Over the past century the company has expanded along with the needs of our members, and our retail stores are now centers of activity on campus and elsewhere for all things OSU.


1914 - We were founded as the Oregon Agricultural College Co-op

1960 - Our campus store moved into the Memorial Union East Wing

1990 - We opened our first downtown Portland store

1998 - We converted from a co-op to a tax-exempt nonprofit organization

2003 - We broke ground on our University Center development

2007 - We opened our Keizer Station store

2013 - We completed construction of our campus store across from Reser Stadium